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Hiking in the area

Katwijk hiking trails

Our apartments are located in an area that's perfect for a lovely hike. The area is known for its varied scenery between beautiful dunes, vast landscapes and the cosy inner cities. Various hiking trails are marked out. There is something for everyone, therefore, also for you!

For example, the coast & beach hike of 12 kilometres. This trail is perfect if you want to enjoy the fresh air along the coast and the lovely dune landscape. The nice thing about this trail is that you can always shorten the distance by opting for a different beach exit.

More of a cultural enthusiast? Opt for the unique trail that passes various statues in Katwijk aan Zee. This trail's length is manageable. The unique statue trail shows 15 statues from various artists who have expressed their creative talents.

Bulb Region hiking trails

The Bulb Region is quite close to Katwijk. This region is known for its pure beauty. This area is a lovely sight to behold, especially in spring. You can view the lovely flower fields, and you can visit Keukenhof, the most beautiful spring garden in the world. They exhibit the flowers here in a very special way. View this page for all the hiking trails in the Bulb Region.

A combination of biking and hiking

At the Tourist Transfer Point [Toeristisch Overstap Punt (TOP)], you can combine bike trails and hiking trails. Fun, diverse trails have been marked out from this point. The nice thing about these trails is that they are marked and easy to follow via signs. For the full overview, visit the TOP website.

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